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ACL Tears Growing in Teen Girls; Preventive Exercises Are Key

A new study reports that ACL injury rates are raising exponentially in teen girls who play sports. Specifically, the study analyzed 148 million people in the United States, and found that the average annual ACL surgery rate climbed 22 percent from 2002 to 2014. However, for teen girls, the average annual knee surgery rate escalated by 59 percent. While the study didn’t point to specific factors that contributed to this increase, common trends such as year-round sports participation as well as the specialization in a singular sport likely play a contributing role.

ACL prevention programs have been shown to reduce ACL injury rates by 75-80 percent. Check out these ACL Prevention Exercises, which are designed and proven to reduce the rate of ACL tears in young – as well as older – athletes. Conduct the exercises 3-4 times per week prior to practice or other workout activities. And don’t worry – it’s quick, typically taking 15 minutes to complete.

Also, remember these tips as you engage in exercise or athletic activity:

  • Always, always, always warm up.
  • Stretch… flexibility can help you maintain proper form throughout your exercise session or game.
  • Strength train. It’s important to have good strength in your thighs and hips, as these body parts help support and stabilize the knee. Think squats and lunges. But remember proper form is key.

Dr. Matthew Boes and his team are committed to providing patients with unparalleled, first-rate care when it comes to the diagnosis treatment of knee injuries and conditions. Whether you are an athlete who requires reconstructive knee surgery due to a sports injury or you are an active adult needing total knee replacement, our team is dedicated to returning you to full, pain-free function.


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