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Dr. Matthew Boes and his team strive to maintain the highest level of orthopaedic excellence by bringing cutting-edge, advanced treatment to patients throughout Raleigh and the state of North Carolina. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Dr. Boes is adept in diagnosing and treating orthopaedic and sports-related injuries of all kinds and improving quality of life for all patients. He specializes exclusively in the following areas:

  • Shoulder: Arthroscopic shoulder surgery, rotator cuff repair, shoulder labral repair, shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, shoulder instability, shoulder impingement, shoulder bursitis, shoulder separation, shoulder dislocation, shoulder fractures and shoulder arthritis
  • Knee: Arthroscopic knee surgery, ACL injuries, ACL reconstruction, revision ACL reconstruction, knee ligament injuries, cartilage injury repair, meniscus surgery, knee arthritis and knee replacement
  • Elbow: Distal biceps tendon repair, UCL (Tommy John ligament) and throwing injuries and elbow arthroscopy

Dr. Boes understands the importance of efficient and effective recovery, whether a patient is looking to quickly return to high-level athletics, get back to work or simply keep up with the daily demands of life.

Every case is unique and no two injuries are the same. Dr. Boes and his team carefully listen to the patient as he/she describes the details of the particular ailment to understand how these issues interfere with and limit his/her quality of life. He conducts a full analysis of the injury to determine the exact problem and its severity, and then discusses his recommended course of treatment with the individual. Dr. Boes firmly believes that an informed patient who is well educated on their condition is much more engaged and empowered throughout the treatment process, which ultimately improves the overall treatment outcome.


Dr. Matthew Boes and his team offer unmatched, high-quality patient care when it comes to diagnosing and treating shoulder injuries and conditions. Generally, shoulder injuries are caused by athletic activities that involve excessive, repetitive overhead motion, including swimming, tennis, baseball, golf and weightlifting. However, injuries can also occur during routine daily activities, such as engaging in yard work and household chores. We are fully committed utilizing the latest, most clinically advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat shoulder injuries in effort to minimize pain and reduce recovery time.

Common shoulder surgeries performed by Dr. Boes include:

“I underwent rotator cuff surgery and could not be happier. Dr. Boes explained to me the nature of the problem and various treatment options, as well as what was involved with rotator cuff repair. I’ve heard that this surgery is very painful and I was dreading the procedure, but actually I found that I was not as uncomfortable after the surgery as I thought I would be. And now I am fully healed, thanks to Dr. Boes and his team guiding me through all stages of the procedure.”

— Angela V. – Raleigh, NC


Dr. Matthew Boes and his team are committed to providing patients with unparalleled, first-rate care when it comes to the diagnosis treatment of knee injuries and conditions. Whether you are an athlete who requires reconstructive knee surgery due to a sports injury or you are an active adult needing total knee replacement, our team is dedicated to returning you to full, pain-free function.

Common knee surgeries performed by Dr. Boes include:

I saw Dr. Boes for a torn ACL and am extremely pleased with my results. I had ACL reconstruction surgery about a year ago and am happy to say that I am now back playing in my regular tennis league, which is pretty intense. When the injury occurred I was devastated and I KNEW that something was very wrong with my knee. Dr. Boes made the time to see me soon after I called his office. He is an excellent and compassionate doctor. Right away I felt like I was well taken care of. Dr. Boes took me through the ACL repair process step-by-step and I’m happy to say that feel like I have my normal knee back. I would recommend Dr. Boes to anyone and everyone!

— Kathleen F. – Raleigh, NC


Dr. Boes and his team are highly specialized in treating an array of sports-related elbow injuries and conditions. As team physician for the North Carolina State University Baseball Team, he is one of the state’s leading orthopaedic experts in diagnosing and treating UCL tears and throwing injuries.

Common elbow surgeries performed by Dr. Boes include:

“I’m a 58 year old active male – lifelong athlete and gym rat. I ruptured my right tricep tendon working out and required corrective surgery. I have suffered other injuries requiring surgery over the years, and I am very accustomed to how tedious tendon rehabilitation can be. This time I can say it was a true stroke of luck and a real Blessing to have Dr. Boes to do my injury assessment and ultimately perform surgery. My recovery has been nothing short of amazing and I am convinced that Dr. Boes has been the real reason behind it. Testimonials are not part of my natural DNA, but in this case I really felt obligated to let others in my situation know that you can have absolute confidence and assurance that Dr. Boes is legit.”

– M. Grissom –  Raleigh, NC


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