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Avoiding Injuries Caused By Weight Training

Shoulder injuries are the most common type of injury among athletes employing weight training to build strength and muscle. These injuries are often a result of overuse. Bursitis, tendonitis and various strains and sprains are all painful results of training incorrectly.weight-training-matthew-boes

Here are some ways to prevent these kinds of injuries.

  1. Do the same amount of “push” and “pull” exercises. For every exercise that requires a pushing motion, match it with one that requires pulling. This way you are working complimentary muscles equally.

  2. Use a neutral or parallel grip. This grip requires you to keep your elbows close to your body (proper training) and is the easiest on your shoulders. Your palms should face each other when in a neutral grip.

  3. Design a workout schedule that allows you both enough shoulder workout time and enough time between those workouts to recover and rest. Many athletes who weight train use an “upper/lower” split, meaning the first half of the week they’ll work their shoulders and the upper half of their body, while the second half they’ll work the lower.

  4. Adjust your routine to avoid exercises that cause you discomfort. You should be able to differentiate between the good burn of a challenging lift, and the discomfort, unnatural, pinching pain caused by an exercise that doesn’t suit your body and musculature.

  5. A wide grip when doing pull ups does not widen your musculature. It puts unnatural strains on your body. Always keep your grip closer together, and comfortable, when doing pull ups.

Call Dr. Matthew Boes orthopaedic surgeon today if you’re seeking a little more advice on safe workout and injury prevention!

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