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Complete Shoulder Replacement

I had originally thought that I just needed some help with a bad rotator cuff. Unfortunately, after x-rays & an MRI Dr. Boes gave me the news that I needed a complete shoulder replacement. He spent all the time that was needed to explain exactly what the procedure entailed and then continued the visit making sure that I understood everything and my fears were assuaged. At no time did I feel rushed or not heard. When my insurance company denied the pain management team Dr. Boes had suggested, he took it upon himself to manage & maintain any and all pain I might experience after the surgery. I’m now 6 months out and for the first time in I don’t how many years I am completely pain free with a range of motion of almost 100%. My one & only complaint is that Dr. Boes doesn’t specialize in spines as well. He has raised the bar for what I now expect from doctors here in the Raleigh, NC area.

B. Galletti


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