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Importance of ACL Prevention Training

Proper muscle control is essential to minimize risk of knee injury from jumping, cutting, and twisting motions in sports. Research shows this is particularly true for female athletes.

A recent study of elite female soccer players in Sweden and published this year highlighted the value of ACL prevention training and the role poor body mechanics can play in predisposing athletes to ACL injuries that can lead to ACL surgery. Players who had ACL reconstruction surgery were compared to healthy athletes in 5 common agility tests. Both groups differed only minimally in ability to perform functional tests – demonstrating the high success rate of ACL surgery in returning athletes to high level activity.

However, the data also showed only 1 out of 5 athletes in BOTH groups performed the functional tests in a manner considered “protective” against future ACL injury. The data revealed deficiencies in performance for both healthy and recovering athletes despite ability to return to high level sports. The study revealed that many athletes have some degree of improper body mechanics leading to an increase risk of knee injury. All athletes participating in sports with cutting, pivoting, and jumping motions can benefit greatly from training programs to develop protective muscle control patterns to help prevent future ACL injury. To learn more, click link below

ACL Prevention Rehabilitation


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