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Pinpointing the Pain and Activity That Causes it

I‘ve been suffering from pain in my right shoulder with limited mobility. I compete in triathlons, and it’s been hampering my performance. I called the clinic and they were able to see me the next day. The appointment was right on schedule and I was quickly taken to the x-ray room. Soon after, I was seen by Dr. Matthew T. Boes. He began the exam with several questions, pinpointing the pain and activity that causes it. He put my shoulder through some strength tests to see my mobility limitations and diagnosed it as a rotator cuff impingement or tendonitis/bursitis. He then took the time to show me, with a model, what was happening with my shoulder and why it hurt. He described a course of treatment, which consisted of a cortisone shot and then physical therapy. I feel cautiously optimistic that I’ll recover 100%. I know that I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Dr. Boes for further treatment. I appreciate that all the services (x-rays, exam, and therapy) are done in one location. The whole staff were professional and very nice.

Patient (name withheld)


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