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Doctor’s Orders: Shape Up Before Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

Should you consider engaging in mild exercise prior to undergoing knee replacement surgery? The answer is YES! A recent article in The Wall Street Journal explores the benefits of moderate exercise and good nutrition practices prior to undergoing common elective surgeries. For people who are about to undergo total joint replacement of the knee or hip, beginning a light exercise regimen several weeks prior to surgery can reduce post-operative complications. A safe exercise program, under the guidance of a health professional, can contribute to a reduction in pain after surgery and speed up the healing process. Many patients are in poor health prior to surgery, which makes recovery harder. Strengthening the muscles surrounding the surgery site and improving overall heart and lung health may make the healing process much easier…and much faster.

Check out Dr. Boes’s Knee Arthritis Conditioning  Program Video for the best exercises you can do to prepare yourself for knee replacement, while also reducing tension in the joint, building stability in the knee and advancing overall muscle strength.


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