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He is very down-to-earth and highly skilled

Dr. Boes did a rotator cuff repair on me earlier this year. I am a registered nurse, so I am accustomed to some of the pitfalls in healthcare. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Boes, his staff, and Raleigh Orthopedic to be different. Dr. Boes takes the time to explain the procedure, recovery, and rehabilitation. He is very down-to-earth and highly skilled. I understand that he does 100+ of these surgeries per year. My outcome, so far, has exceeded my expectations. I am no longer in pain, and my mobility is increasing every day. I know thousands of doctors, and I would put Dr. Boes in the top five of all time. I have never met a physician that actually put together an education program online for home exercise following surgery. I wish Dr. Boes could be cloned. There would be no more problems in healthcare.

Ramesh U


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