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What Does It Mean To ‘Roll’ Your Ankle?

Have you ever been out running and stumbled across a small divet or drop-off that you weren’t expecting? That quick, sudden rush of catching yourself. …The immediate loss of balance before regaining control… Realizing that you may or may not have rolled your ankle… A common occurrence for many active people.

Rolling your ankle can vary in seriousness. The level of attention the injury may need truly depends on some of the symptoms you experience following the incident. Often times, ‘rolling your ankle’ occurs when the literal action of your ankle rolling forward happens before your leg can catch up. As a result, your ankle twists the ligaments away from their normal position and causes an immediate sharp pain. Following the incident, you might slow down or even stop your movement to assess the situation.

Some of the symptoms you may or may not experience after sudden ankle trauma include:

  • Soreness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness when walking
  • Redness
  • Heat around ankle

Every ankle issue is different and should all be assessed individually based on the symptoms and parameters of the incident. However, sometimes people who experience discomfort in their ankle after tripping or falling use bandage or pressure wraps to make their ankles feel more compressed and at ease while moving. It is also common for people to use ice or cold-compresses on the affected area to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Whether it’s rolling your ankle during a soccer game or stumbling across a small hole on a jogging trail, an ankle injury isn’t cut-and-dry. While often it’s just temporary swelling and discomfort, there’s always a possibility of a more significant sprain, tear or break. Seeking proper medical attention for ankle problems that include sharp and consistent pain, which may prevent you from walking and moving around, is advised.

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