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How A Correct Squat Can Help You Prevent Injuries

Many athletes constantly suffer from injuries. While sometimes these injuries are caused by sports accidents involving heavy impacts, often they are related to improper body movements during exercise, which put excessive strain on the body. Not only does incorrect movement during exercise hurt your body, but incorrect movement during any type of activity you engage…..


The Stiff or “Frozen” Shoulder

Although not related to the cold weather of winter, I thought it would be helpful to discuss a common shoulder problem known as “adhesive capsulitis” or “frozen shoulder.” Frozen shoulder most often affects people between the ages of 40 and 60 and is more common in women. Normal shoulder function depends on pain-free, fluid, and…..


Runner’s Dilemma: Shin Splints

The feeling of the wind at your back. The resounding thud of your feet. The ground passing beneath you. A comforting burn in your chest. If you’re a runner, there are a plethora of elements you enjoy about this activity. However, the ache and pain of shin splints is definitely not one of them. Most…..


Fact vs. Fiction: Debunking Sports Injury Myths

Don’t believe everything you hear. This old adage also rings true when it comes to sports injuries. You’ve probably encountered a few coaches or friends who are sure they know exactly what your injury is, why you have it and how to treat it. Following are a few common sports injury myths and the truth…..


Goals Impact Feelings After Win/Loss

Are there factors that can predetermine how strongly you feel a loss? Maybe if you or your team were rumored to win. Maybe if the loss breaks a winning streak. And maybe, a new study published in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology says, if your goals from the outset were to keep others from outperforming…..


Orthopaedic Injuries And Driving

If you’ve suffered an injury that has left you in a cast or brace, or recently undergone a procedure that is associated with a lengthy recovery phase, you’re probably looking to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. However, one question I often get is about driving and when one can safely…..


Three Ways To Prevent Your Child’s Athletic Injury

As the parent of a young athlete, it’s likely that few things make you prouder than seeing your child playing a sport they love. The possibility of them suffering a sports-related injury can have your feelings split between a desire to see them healthfully participating and an instinct to protect them from harm. While you…..


Avoiding Injuries Caused By Weight Training

Shoulder injuries are the most common type of injury among athletes employing weight training to build strength and muscle. These injuries are often a result of overuse. Bursitis, tendonitis and various strains and sprains are all painful results of training incorrectly. Here are some ways to prevent these kinds of injuries. Do the same amount…..


Rolling Your Way To Injury Prevention: The Benefits Of Foam Rollers

What looks like a rolled up yoga mat could actually be the smartest purchase you’ve ever made as an athlete. You can infer a lot about a foam roller just from its name. It’s a large piece of foam shaped into a cylindrical “roller.” Not convinced yet? Read below for more information about what this…..


Tips For Safe Workouts In Cold Weather

Do you stick to your workout rain or shine? What about snow, sleet and record low temperatures? Follow these simple cold weather workout tips to keep you on track and encouraged, even during the coldest of mornings: Wear a hat. Your body can lose a lot of its heat storage if your head is left…..



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