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Blog Postings

“Tuning Up” Active, Aging Knees

Stiffness. Weakness. Achiness. Sound familiar Knee pain is a common, yet frustrating part of getting older, which often keeps baby boomers from maintaining the active lifestyle they’ve come to know and desire. It is estimated that more than 60 percent of people age 45 and older experience periods of moderate knee pain at least once…..


Doctor’s Orders: Shape Up Before Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

Should you consider engaging in mild exercise prior to undergoing knee replacement surgery? The answer is YES! A recent article in The Wall Street Journal explores the benefits of moderate exercise and good nutrition practices prior to undergoing common elective surgeries. For people who are about to undergo total joint replacement of the knee or…..


Healthy Kitchen Tips: 3 Foods You Didn’t Know Can Help Your Joints

Healthy eating is an extremely important element of our daily lives. However, did you know there are certain foods that may help keep our joints healthy? Almonds Rich in vitamin E, almonds may provide a source of tendon and tissue relief. Because your body tends to naturally swell up around a joint’s tendons when it…..


What Is Your “Tommy John” Ligament?

You’ve probably heard of a few odd or unusual terms that refer to various medical conditions, body parts, or specific injuries. One of the most common of these terms, particularly heard in sports circles, is used to describe the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) of the elbow, also known as the “Tommy John Ligament.” The UCL,…..


What Does It Mean To ‘Roll’ Your Ankle?

Have you ever been out running and stumbled across a small divet or drop-off that you weren’t expecting? That quick, sudden rush of catching yourself. …The immediate loss of balance before regaining control… Realizing that you may or may not have rolled your ankle… A common occurrence for many active people. Rolling your ankle can…..


Tips to Help Ward Off Bicep Strains

Everyday we engage our biceps. Whether it’s lifting a briefcase or backpack , opening doors or taking something off of a shelf, our arms are constantly in motion. Because the bicep tendon is an integral part of the shoulder joint, it is prone to irritation with many forceful and/or repetitive shoulder motions. For instance, you…..


What You Can Expect From Your Shoulder Replacement

Although you may be an active and health-conscious person who exercises regularly, stretches, and maintains a healthy diet, you might still ultimately experience problems with overuse and “wear and tear” in your joints. Either due to the effects of an old injury or gradual deterioration of a joint, there may come a time when your…..


Should I Use A Knee Brace When I Run?

It is not uncommon for many runners to experience some discomfort after prolonged distances on their feet. The repetition of a running motion for miles on end, day in and day out, can easily begin to cause some slight discrepancies in your knee muscles and ligaments. In events like these, runners will typically look to…..


Tips For Reducing Elbow Irritation When Weight Lifting

Whether it’s an effort to shape and tone your body or build functioning muscle mass as a competitive athlete, working out is a very common activity that people of all shapes, ages and interests take part in. It’s no secret that there are countless benefits of getting active and working out, and most of the…..


All You Need To Know About Clavicle Fractures

Your clavicle, or “collarbone”, plays an important role in the positioning and function of your arm. It is the main connection of your shoulder girdle to the rest of your body. Because of the collarbone’s length and vulnerable location lying just under the skin of the shoulder, it is often at risk for injury. Clavicle…..



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