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Blog Postings

Rolling Your Way To Injury Prevention: The Benefits Of Foam Rollers

What looks like a rolled up yoga mat could actually be the smartest purchase you’ve ever made as an athlete. You can infer a lot about a foam roller just from its name. It’s a large piece of foam shaped into a cylindrical “roller.” Not convinced yet? Read below for more information about what this…..


Tips For Safe Workouts In Cold Weather

Do you stick to your workout rain or shine? What about snow, sleet and record low temperatures? Follow these simple cold weather workout tips to keep you on track and encouraged, even during the coldest of mornings: Wear a hat. Your body can lose a lot of its heat storage if your head is left…..


Achilles Tendon Rupture: An Athlete’s Achilles’ Heel

Your Achilles tendon serves to connect your heel bone to your calf muscle and plays an important role in many of your daily motions: walking, jumping, running all depend on a healthy and functioning Achilles tendon. The tendon is vulnerable to injury, most commonly a rupturing or tearing of the tendon. What Can Cause An…..


Stretches For The Throwing Athlete

Maintaining flexibility and range of motion are crucial for avoiding shoulder problems in overhead athletes. Whether you’re used to throwing a football or baseball, or if you regularly play sports like tennis or volleyball, stretching the muscles and ligaments in your shoulder helps to maintain healthy mechanics in the shoulder joint and can prevent injury…..


Certain Athletes More Likely To Injure Their ACL

Studies show that anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in the knee are more common among high-school age athletes. Research shows this may be due to muscle imbalance and coordination issues in developing adolescent knees. A recent study in the Journal of Athletic Training focused on ACL injuries in this group of patients and yielded the…..


Dealing With Bursitis: What Is Bursitis And How Can It Be Treated?

Bursitis is a common condition that affects active patients. Simply, “bursitis” results from pain and irritation in a structure called the “bursa.” Bursae are normal structures that are found in many areas throughout the body, particularly around moving parts of the body, such as joints, ligaments, and tendons. Bursae typically provide an essential lubricating function,…..


Safety Battle: Artificial V. Natural Turf

There are numerous ways to approach the debate concerning artificial and natural surfaces when it comes to playing sports. Which is better for the environment? Which is cheaper? For athletes, the biggest concern is often how the surface feels and whether or not the surface puts them at greater risk of injury. Which Surface And…..


Not Dead Yet: Shoulder Instability Or “Dead Arm Syndrome”

The repetitive motion of over-arm throwing that baseball pitchers consistently endure can put a significant amount of strain on an athlete’s shoulder. Because the shoulder joints are relatively “loose” to begin with, it’s not hard to overuse or injure them. What Is Dead Arm Syndrome? Often, shoulder instability can lead to lessened ability to use…..


Don’t Stress: The Rundown On Stress Fractures

Even the strongest bones aren’t always capable of absorbing the repetitive shock of jumping and running. Whether you are a high school basketball player, 40-year-old runner, or collegiate gymnast, all active people are susceptible to a stress fracture. Stress fractures are areas of weakness in the bone that come about from repetitive impact (e.g., jogging…..


What Does Yoga Promise Beyond Flexibility?

You’ve probably heard that yoga helps develop flexibility which can increase your range of motion and allow you more freedom when engaging in physical activity. Well you heard correctly! If you’re not looking to increase flexibility, however, you may have passed it up in the past. We hope you’re surprised to hear that yoga can…..



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